CHILD EYE , children's eye clinic is Sri Lanka's first institution dedicated solely to detecting and treating eye diseases in children, while also functioning to actively increase awareness of children's eye conditions and the importance of regular eye checks in our little ones.

CHILD EYE will also provide a child friendly environment to perform in-house screening, examinations and consultations. A pharmacy and optical shop will make this a one stop eye visit for your child. The staff, specially trained in the handling of children's eye problems, will ensure a pleasant, complete and efficient visit. The staff will also take place in training other personnel involved in vision checking in children.

In addition to being Sri Lanka's first specialized children's eye care institution, the clinic will function in way to accommodate all children, irrespective of the financial background of the child's family, thanks to a unique patient seeing criteria. A number of children will be seen free daily, while other patients can get an eye exam at a subsidized rate and the last category will be a consultation, like in any private hospital, thereby opening the clinic to every single Sri Lankan.